Stans Race Sealant 32oz

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Sealing up your tyres and providing you with a strong, dependable tubeless set up for all your riding needs, the Stan's NoTubes Race Tyre Sealant 946ml (Quart) is a simple one-stop option that will seal off your tyres and prevent you from flatting out on the road or trail.

Using twice the amount of sealing crystals, sized larger for preventing bigger, more severe punctures, this tyre sealant stays liquid for between 2-7 months, giving you long-lasting protection. A premium low-viscosity formula resists freezing, so you can use these tyres down to -34 degrees centigrade, making them ideal throughout the winter.

Made from all-natural materials, this is a top of the line option for riders looking for proper protection on their tubeless wheels.


  • Ideal for tubeless conversion and flat prevention
  • Twice the amount of our standard sealing crystals
  • "XL" crystals capable of sealing even larger punctures
  • Stays liquid for 2-7 months
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Premium low-viscosity formula resists freezing to work in environments as cold as -34° C
  • Natural materials, safe for the environment