Industry9 X Vittoria Trail Wheelset (29er)

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- Industry 9 Trail S Wheelset / Boost (Centrelock)

- Vittoria Mazza Enduro (29x2.4) x Vittoria Martello Enduro (29x2.4) 

- 2x 120ml Peatys Biofibre Sealant 


Features: i9 Wheelset

  • Lightweight handbuilt wheels for aggressive trail and all mountain style riding.
  • High performance 28H alloy rims¬†
  • Sapim Straight pull steel spokes
  • 31mm outer, 27mm inner width provides excellent support for 2.2 - 2.5 tyres
  • Super fast engagement Hydra hubs. 6 pawl, 6 phase 0.52 degrees of engagement
  • 29"
  • Centrelock
  • Shimano Microspline Freehub¬†
  • Wheels are delivered pre-taped with tubeless valves installed

Features: Vittoria Mazza/Martello Enduro

The new Vittoria Mazza combines years of athlete input with cutting edge tread technology, raising the bar on the mixed terrain Enduro tyre category. Starting with a defined centre tread, the Mazza uses deep siping in the direction of rotation, allowing the tyre to roll fast while still opposing drift, especially in off-camber terrain. The stepped leading edge rolls like a ramp, but digs in on climbs, making Mazza a top choice for both front and rear use. Substantial room was designed into the centre tread to provide braking traction, while also accelerating cleanly. Cornering on the Mazza is handled by Vittorias trademark progressive sipe width technology, which gives a gummy inside effective edge, but without the instability that competitors experience on the outside of the tread. Simply put, bigger sipes flex more than smaller sipes. This unique siping pattern creates asymmetrical tread flex, and translates into a predictable, confident, and communicative feel at the limit of cornering. Mazza has generous tread depth claws into a range of terrain, and is stabilized with Vittorias proprietary 4C compound layering process. Four separate Graphene 2.0 compounds are layered, allowing the surface of the tread to remain tacky, while the base remains planted. This ensures each effective edge is kept in place under high cornering and braking loads, leading to reduced rolling resistance, and increased wear life. The bar has been raised

This durable mountain bike tyre from Vittoria features a moto-cross style square tread-block profile to bite into the earth and provides stability and rider-focussed control without compromising on speed or efficiency. This tyre has claimed podium at World Championship level and is suited to any challenge you can face it with.


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