Claymore RideWrap Kit (Uninstalled/Gloss)

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Our RideWrap Kits Include

ā€¢Ā 1 x RideWrap Frame Protection KitĀ (Uninstalled)Ā 

ā€¢Ā 1 x Squeegee


RideWrapĀ EssentialĀ MTB Gloss Frame Protection Kit Features

  1. Gloss clear film designed to fit all makes, models and sizes of mountain bikes
  2. Designed around mountain bike geometry
  3. Designed to protect against scratches, chips and/or scuffs from debris, cable rub, heel rub and chain slap
  4. Fully tested for durability, stain-resistance and self-healing properties
  5. Made in Canada from high-quality polyurethane films


RideWrapĀ CoveredĀ MTB Gloss Frame Protection Kit Features

Covered Protectionā„¢ protects high wear and vulnerable areas of your bike. Bikes of all shapes and sizes see wear and tear. Covered Protectionā„¢ is here to provide universal protection on your bikeā€™s frame.

With 60% frame coverage, your bicycle is protected against damage from bike locks, bicycle storage, transportation, trail/ road debris, scrapes, scratches, and unexpected crashes. The protection kitā€™s material consists of RideWrap bike-specific protection film. RideWrap film is superhydrophobic, self-healing, and looks damn good.

Ā Ā 

RideWrapĀ TailoredĀ MTB Gloss Frame Protection Kit Features

Specific to your bikeā€™s make model and size. RideWrapā€™s Tailored Protectionā„¢ Kits offer complete protection covering up to 95% of your bikeā€™s frame.

The highest coverage available on the market, the kits are tight to extremities with strategically placed narrow seams. RideWrapā€™s protection film is superhydrophobic, self-healing, and ensures your factory paint job is safe from paint chips, cable rash, heal rub, scrapes, and scratches.


Note: All kits come uninstalled unless agreed otherwise with a member of staff at Deviate. All kits have a Gloss finish.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
L. M.
Needs some time

Itā€™s definitely the best protection you can get for your frame. For skilled hands itā€™s relatively easy to install, but people that have never done it might get a not pleasing result. Take your time, if you want to install the full kit, I ultimately ended with just the most important spaces on the frame covered.

Pino Bƶni
incredibly awesome bike

Everything went really well with the order. The delivery was also very fast. The bike rides incredibly well. It is fast, has a super smooth ride an the traction with the High Pivot is also excellent. Despite the long suspension travel, the bike is easy to pedal for longer periods of time.
I am also very grateful for the super helpful customer service and the very quick answers to questions. This bike is really fun on the trail and in the bike park.
I have to say that it takes a while to get the Invisiframe installed. However, this time is definitely worth it. The frame protector is barely visible and the matt coating gives the frame a nice touch. I can really recommend it.