Cane Creek Tigon 210/55 : Air-charged Coil Shock

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* This Shock is designed to fit the Highlander II *

The Air-Charged Coil Shock

Tigon is an entirely new DB Twin Tube shock that combines the sensitivity of a coil shock with the tunable support of an air spring. 

RAMP Tube Technology is designed to better withstand side-loading and buckling forces.  RAMP Tube is a secondary air spring that works in conjunction with Tigon’s main coil spring to control the shock’s progression. With this added feature, a rider will still rely on the main coil to support their body weight while setting sag - but can easily add up to 35% progression relative to a traditional coil shock using a basic shock pump.

  • Exceptional traction and control through technical and rough terrain
  • Just add air - Easy to add bottom-out support on drops and jumps
  • Class leading DB Twin Tube Technology that provides independent external adjustability
  • Tigon will fit and suit bikes that are linear or were built for air shocks
  • Integrated 3mm Tool for damping adjustments
  • 2-Position Climb Switch
  • Hand assembled and individually dyno tested in Western North Carolina

The Tigon provides the ground tracking control of a coil shock with the bottom out support of an air shock.


  • Weight : +/- 438g* *210 - without spring, varies by size
  • Damping :¬†DB Twin Tube Technology
  • Adjustments :¬†RAMP Tube, Independent high & low-speed compression, low-speed rebound,¬†2 position Climb Switch
  • Shaft Diameter :¬†¬†12.7mm (1/2‚ÄĚ)
  • Designed, Tested, and Hand Assembled¬†in Fletcher, NC

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